Jammin's Vinyl Records

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  • Address: Sıracevizler Cad No 92/b
  • Postal Code: 34381
  • City: Istanbul
  • Region: Sisli

During in his early childhood Cem Ülkü had always wondered, How the sound was captured in a plastic called vinyl that they had a lot at home. Although he never understood how it was done , he had finally figured that out as he reached 5th grade at primary school by the help of the books he read.

Thanks to the vast collection of vinyl records of his family; He had a chance to listen wide variety of music genres..

During his secondary school and high school period he had collected many records with his allowances. When he hit the University, he had started Dj'ing in small clubs of the beautiful city Heidelberg / Germany. His record collection had got bigger.. After he had finished the University with bachelor degree in Business Administration he continued to dj in spare times and worked in white collar job positions in prison-like buildings called plaza or office space..

One day he had decided to quit this misery and catch his everlasting dream to open up a record-store.

However, this was not enough to stop him, finally he managed to put the idea into reality which was a long story to live in but short enough to tell. This is how Jammin's Vinyl Records was born.

Jammin's Vinyl Records is located at Sıracevizler street / Şişli. The store is breathing a new life into vinyl record scene in Şişli. As entered the store a cozy atmosphere welcomes the vinyl-lovers and friendly music conversations might spark at ease.

Entire vinyl collection that the store keeps is second hand but carefully selected.

The Store owner Cem Ülkü describes Jammin's as the meeting place of restless souls looking for inner peace in the vibrations of analog world.

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Twitter: jamminsvinyl

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